Ross Unger

Musician | Composer | Arranger | Writer |
Tech | Programmer | Director


About Ross

Ross Unger is an Australian/Canadian artist focusing on social justice community arts. In 2016 Ross co-founded Dramatic Changes, a Nova Scotian nonprofit that works with community groups to make films, musicals, games, and other interdisciplinary art that reflects local identity and local issues.

In the past Ross has written and staged several original musicals, produced backing tracks for artists, and run a small recording studio. Other projects of note include the "Ross Unger Real Book - composing a tune a day for a year",

Ross studied Jazz Composition, Theatre and Film at Monash University in Australia before moving to Canada in 2014.

Upcoming projects

A Hip Hop Musical

Picking Up The Pieces
Understanding Sexual Violence

A Seat At The Table
An Expose On Gambling

Party at the Old Folks Home
A musical about fear of change

Winter Holiday Blues
An annual project collecting and creating local traditions and combating loneliness and isolation.


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